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2017 Benefits

2017 Benefits

2017 Benefits

Workday Benefits Open Enrollment

The City contracts with CalPERS for medical coverage. CalPERS offers up to eight HMO plans and three PPO plans. PORAC is available for safety members

Dental plans are provided through Delta and your choices are Delta Care (DHMO), Delta DPO Basic and Delta DPO Buy-Up. Vision plans are through VSP and your choices are VSP Basic and VSP Buy-Up.

Welcome to Workday!

Workday provides City of Ontario employees direct access to view and update their personal, payroll and benefit information. You may complete your 2017 benefits open enrollment by logging into Workday and following the step by step instructions.

Log in to Workday

You may log in to Workday through any computer with internet access. Simply enter the site address using your internet browsers.

Enter the username and password that you use to log into your work desktop.

A companion mobile application is available which allows you to access a limited number of features. Benefits Open Enrollment is not available on the mobile application. Review the Mobile Quick reference guide on the City’s Workday Training page for more information. 

Important Reminders

  • MedicalAttention Blue Shield NetValue Subscribers – Effective January 1, 2017, Blue Shield will no longer offer NetValue to CalPERS members. Current NetValue subscribers will be automatically enrolled in the Blue Shield Access+ plan during Open Enrollment. Most providers currently participating in NetValue also participate in Access+. However, NetValue subscribers also have the option of selecting a different health plan during Open Enrollment.
  • Life Insurance -  This 2017 Open Enrollment offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of electing a higher level of Additional/Supplemental Portable Life Insurance without medical evidence. Cigna will approve a one-time election in increments of $20,000 up to the lesser of two times annual salary of $160,000, with no medical evidence required. This offer excludes those previously denied Cigna Supplemental Portable Life under this policy. Also, during Open Enrollment all employees can elect an additional $10,000 of Supplemental Portable Life for their spouse or domestic partner with no medical evidence required. 
  • VSP Plans -  Reminder, if you do not need prescription glasses or contacts, use your annual frame allowance toward ready to wear non-prescription sunglasses from a VSP provider.
  • If waiving medical insurance through the City, you must provide documentation of other Group Coverage
  • Adding a dependent requires documentation of eligibility:
  • Dependents may remain on your medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans until the age of 26
  • Upon member's request, the member will pay the cost difference between the brand medication and a generic equivalent, plus the generic co-pay when a Food and Drug Administration approved generic equivalent is available.



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