Get Around Ontario


Project Overview

The Ontario Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) is a citywide effort aimed at improving pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-related safety, accessibility, and connectivity to destinations throughout the city and beyond.


Goals and Objectives

  • Engage Ontario community members, local businesses, and adjacent cities and jurisdictions in the plan-making process
  • Collect and analyze data to understand the project’s context
  • Evaluate and forecast demand for active transportation options
  • Develop Safe Routes to School (SRTS), pedestrian, and bicycle improvement recommendations
  • Produce Ontario Active Transportation Master Plan


How You Can Participate

  • Community Events and Meetings: Attend community events and meetings to give your ideas on improving pedestrian, bicycle, and transit accessibility and connectivity.
  • Walking Safety Assessments: Join the Ontario ATMP team for a walk around a public school near you to identify safety concerns.
  • Online Survey:Take the online survey and give your feedback on how the city can improve your experience with walking, biking, and taking transit.

Downloadable Files