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The following is a list of fees charged by the Building Department, or collected by the Building Department on behalf of other departments or governmental agencies at the time permits are issued. Only plan check fee is assessed when plans are submitted for review.

Please use the following information as an estimate only in planning for your projects.

For the exact amount of fees to be paid at permit issuance, contact permit technicians at 909-395-2023.

Building Permit Fees View Table A 
Plan Check Fees

80% of permit fees

Expedited Plan Check Program

Earthquake (Residential) 0.0001 x valuation
Earthquake (Commercial) 0.00021 x valuation
Sewer Assessment (On Site) $6,309 per dwelling unit or based on fixtures unit for commercial. (Subject to annual increase)
Electrical Permit Fees View Table B 
Mechanical Permit Fees View Table C 
Plumbing Permit Fees View Table D 
Grading Plan Check/Permit Fees View Tables E and F
Development Impact Fees


Impact Fees (effective April 6, 2015)

Dust Control $250 per acre + $5 each additional acre
Microfilming of Plans $1.50 per plan page
School District Fees

Contact the appropriate school district as the fee is paid directly to them. View instructions [PDF]

Chaffey Joint Union High School 909-988-8511 x2511
Chino Unified School District 909-628-1201 x1207
Cucamonga School District 909-987-8942 x238
Mountain View School District 909-947-2992
Ontario-Montclair School District 909-459-2500 x 6483

Note: Notwithstanding the attached Tables A through F, the minimum fee for any permit is $47.50 and the minimum plan check fee for reviewing grading plans is $37.60.

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