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Code Development

Code Development

Every three years the City of Ontario participates in the code adoption process with the state. Ontario attempts to stay abreast of the latest technology and code processes in order to ensure the latest and best codes are adopted in the community. A copy of all code amendments, specific to the City of Ontario, is kept on file with the City Clerk’s office.

The goal in the code development process is to keep the codes comprehensive enough to ensure public safety, and at the same time keep the code as user friendly as possible.

After receiving input from fire investigation, new development, and inspections, amendments are drafted that specifically fit the needs of our city. The proposed amendments then go to the City Council for a vote. This process leads to the latest code standards being adopted by our community.

Currently, Ordinance 3062 adopted the 2016 California Fire code and the 2015 International Fire Code with amendments for the City of Ontario.

Questions concerning the code process should be directed to the Fire Marshal’s office at (909) 395-2029.

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