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Role in Filming

Role in Filming

Ontario Fire Department's Role in Filming

 The Ontario Fire Department is one of several City Departments that participate in the permitting of filming in Ontario. Ensuring the safety of the public, cast and crew is the primary role of the Ontario Fire Department during filming. Depending on the type of filming, number of cast and crew or special effects or stunts, an Ontario Fire Department Fire Safety Officer may be required to be present during portions or all of the filming.

Additional Permits

In addition to the film permit issued by the City of Ontario, additional permits may be required for other hazardous operations including tents, pyrotechnic special effects, or flammable liquid refueling. Check with the Ontario Fire Prevention Bureau for additional information about these types of special permits at (909) 395-2029.

Fire Safety Officers

Ontario Fire Safety Officers (FSO) are Ontario Fire Department Firefighters specially trained and certified by the California State Fire Marshal to inspect film locations and monitor filming operations to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire or injury as a result of the film operations, including special effects and stunt activity. These FSO's are also in direct radio contact with the Ontario Fire Department Communications Center in the event additional emergency services are required, including fire, emergency medical and police.

Ontario Fire Department Fire Safety Officers work closely with the film crews to ensure that the safest environment for filming is provided for the cast, crew and citizens of Ontario, keeping in mind the film company's vision of the final product.

FSO/Firefighter Stand-by Costs

A Fire Safety Officer may be required to stay on the set during the filming. Hazardous pyrotechnics and/or stunts may require an Ontario Fire Department Paramedic Engine to stand by during the special effects or stunts. If an FSO and/or a Paramedic Engine is required to stand-by, the film applicant is responsible for the actual cost of the equipment and personnel.

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