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The Bureau of Fire Prevention maintains a comprehensive filing system, which includes occupancy information, fire protection system information, and general files on other Fire Prevention concerns.

Occupancy files contain information on the current occupant of each business, including inspection reports and emergency contact information, which is updated as fire inspectors perform site visits. The system is maintained for a period of time to provide a history that is evaluated to detect trends and habits that may indicate a need for Fire Prevention interdiction.

Fire Protection system files are maintained--from the cradle to the grave--for each occupancy. State Fire Marshal 5-year certifications, system maintenance, and modifications or alterations are maintained in order to ensure that each system is in good working condition.

The Bureau of Fire Prevention also maintains a database for topics of concern in fire prevention ranging from the most current systems (e.g., ESFR) to historical information on systems that are installed in the City of Ontario. A library of current federal, state, and local ordinances and codes is also maintained.

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