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The Ontario Fire Department is staffed with firefighters who are aggressively trained and supervised by the Training Division.  This ensures that all firefighters are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to professionally mitigate emergencies of all types.


  • Teach each firefighter to operate at acceptable performance levels for his/her rank and assignment.
  • Generate an environment promoting continuous learning within a progressive organization and the willingness of individuals to strive for self-improvement at the individual level.
  • Provide professional development for firefighters by establishing the standard and procedures for a given task.
  • Ensure that firefighters understand all standards and procedures and give employees who wish to promote the knowledge and understanding of the position to which they aspire.


  • Conduct classes, drills and exercises to meet the requirements of mandated and seasonal training
  • Expand the professional abilities of firefighters in order to enhance public service levels
  • Coordinate all aspects of training in an organized, efficient manner.
  • Involve the Chief Officers in the evaluation and delivery of training.
  • Review, enhance and develop multimedia training and maintain a resource center.
  • Continue in managing, maintaining and improving the Department's training facilities.
  • Maintain community goodwill through outreach programs.
  • Explore the opportunities of foundation grants to fund existing or new programs.

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