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California Friendly

California Friendly

The Ontario CARES Program is currently on hold pending the identification of an alternative funding source.

In a partnership with the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Metropolitan Water District, and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the CARES Exterior Beautification Program is excited to offer California Friendly landscaping to interested residents. This form of landscaping provides great opportunities for water conversation, overall cost-savings, and a creative way to maximize front lawn space.

The following properties were recently completed using California Friendly elements:

Before  After 
1368_E_Sixth Before 1368_E_Sixth After
1368_E_Sycamore Before 1368_E_Sycamore After
1446_N_Calaveras Before 1446_N_Calaveras After
1477_E_Seventh Before 1477_E_Seventh After
1503_Mariposa Before 1503_Mariposa After
1511_N_Madera Before 1511_N_Madera After
1809_N_Orange Before 1809_N_Orange After
1846_E_Olive Before 1846_E_Olive After

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