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About the Program

About the Program

Another component of the Quiet Home Program is the voluntary acquisition (buy out) of residential properties and relocation of its occupants in the neighborhoods just west of the airport. The Program can only acquire properties with homes on them and other properties with airport incompatible land uses as defined by State noise standards (Title 21) and federal noise regulations (CFR Part 150).

The Program has approximately 198 eligible properties that remain to be acquired as of December 11, 2006. The City of Ontario will assemble acquired properties into developable parcels and sell them for industrial development. All sale proceeds will be put back into the program to continue to implement the City’s residential sound insulation and land acquisition/relocation activities of the Quiet Home Program.


If your property is identified on the Land Acquisition Eligibility Map, you may be eligible to sell your property to the City under the Quiet Home Program. Program participation is voluntary and it depends on funding availability from the FAA and LAWA.

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