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Will the City offer to buy my house?

Depending on the future availability of funds, the City will offer to buy eligible properties in areas located nearest to the west end of the airport runways.

Will I be forced to sell my house?

No. Participation in the Program is conducted strictly on a voluntary basis.

Will I be offered a fair price for my house if the City buys it?

The City will offer a fair market price for the property based on standard property appraisal practices and in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and LAWA guidelines.

If the City buys my house, how would that affect my taxes?

This is a complex question and will affect different owners differently. Generally, an owner-occupant who sells to the City will have two years to reinvest the proceeds in other real estate without paying capital gains taxes.

If my house is eligible for acquisition, can I still have my house insulated?

No. The Program does not include that choice.

Is the airport expanding?

There are no proposals to expand the current airport boundary westward into residential areas. When it is said that the airport may expand in the future, the intention is that there may be more terminals and more flights.

Does the airport buy the properties?

No. The City of Ontario buys the properties through its Quiet Home Program. The City retains Title to all properties purchased through the Program.

What will the City do with all acquired properties?

Once enough parcels of land are consolidated, the City may sell them to private developers for future industrial development. The City’s land use policy for the area is industrial. This is consistent with the program’s goal which is conversion of residential properties into airport compatible uses (i.e., industrial).

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