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Relocation Activities

Relocation Activities

Program participants of owner-occupied properties and/or tenants may receive relocation benefits and moving expenses in accordance with the Uniform Relocation Act. The amount of relocation benefits varies for each household. Representatives of a qualified relocation consulting firm, working for the City of Ontario, will meet with program participants (homeowner and/or tenants) and explain the relocation benefits soon after the City has presented a purchase offer to the property owner.

The relocation consultant will calculate how much relocation assistance the participants are eligible to receive and then searches the area to find replacement housing. Program participants may use referrals provided by the relocation consultant or they may find their own replacement housing provided it meets federal requirements for decent safe and sanitary housing. To date the Quiet Home Program has relocated approximately 707 residents from the neighborhoods closest to the west end of the airport’s runways.

A relocation agent (right) meets with Program participant to explain the relocation process and benefits.

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