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About the Program

About the Program

Residential Sound Insulation is designed to improve the ability of an existing home to resist the infiltration of aircraft noise. The City of Ontario, with funding from FAA and LAWA are able to provide this voluntary program to eligible properties at no cost to the homeowner.

Under the program, participating homes are retrofitted with new acoustical solid core doors and double pane windows, attic insulation, central air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, smoke detectors, new electrical panels(where needed) and other noise reduction measures, all aimed at reducing the interior noise levels to 45db CNEL in all habitable rooms of the home. Typically, the sound insulation work costs on average about $28,500 per home. There are approximately 2,207 homes remaining to be sound insulated as of December 14, 2005. Since the start of the program in 1994, approximately 857 Units have been sound insulated in several eligible neighborhoods.


If your home is located within the sound insulation area as shown on the Program Eligibility Noise Contour Map, you may be eligible to participate in a future project. Program participation is voluntary and it depends on funding availability from the FAA and LAWA. Eligibility is not income based. The newest project (Phase VI) is anticipated to start in spring 2006. If your home is located within Phase VI project area you will eventually receive a Statement of Interest form from the Quiet Home Program. Please review the flow chart to better understand the sound insulation construction process.

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