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My name is Genevieve Jimenez and I am a homeowner. My residence is under the Ontario Noise Area (4) under the Ontario International Airport flight pattern; so I qualified for the noise insulation. I am very happy with the quality of work that was done on my home. I was initially concerned, especially with the front window of my living room, which has five glass panels. My concerns were unwarranted. The installation was perfect; as was the work completed on the corner kitchen window with two glass panes on each side of the corner. And, I must mention the elegant look to the fireplace with the addition of the noise insulation glass doors. I am truly pleased with the outcome of the installation; but best of all, the airplanes that fly over my house don’t bother me anymore.


Genevieve Jimenez


Dear Sirs:

We wish to express our appreciation to the City of Ontario staff, the Airport staff and all the contractors who were involved in the fine tuned work done on our homes this past year. The quality of the work and materials has given each of us, added value. We also commend the problem solving techniques and are very grateful for the courtesy and respect in which we were treated, throughout this project. Thank you from all of us to all of you.

Lucy Dennis and Linda Slagle #5 & Euclid Condo Homes Board of Directors

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