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Warranty Information

Warranty Information


This warranty information is provided to homeowners who have participated in the sound insulation projects under the Ontario Quiet Home Program. If we have completed the sound insulation work on your home, our architectural consultant should have submitted a warranty package to you for your records and use. The information contained in this section of our website has been developed in case you cannot find your warranty package booklet and need to report a problem with the sound insulation improvements done on your home.


The general contractor will provide a one (1) year warranty on workmanship for work that was completed on your home beginning on the date a final inspection was done by the program’s architectural consultant.

Materials and Products

Please be reminded that you must fill out and submit to the manufacturer the warranty cards for every product that has been installed on your home. If you fail to submit such warranty cards, your products and materials may not be warranted. You should use the date of the final inspection conducted by our architectural consultant to activate the warranty on the products. The following is a warranty summary of the products and materials:

Aluminum Windows 10 Years
Vinyl Windows 10 Years
Exterior Doors 5 Years
Forced Air Unit 5 Years
Air Cooling Unit (Parts) 1 Year
Air Cooling Unit (Compressor) 10 Years

Contact Information

Please contact the Ontario Quiet Home Program at (909) 395-2006 or email us at if you have any questions regarding the warranty of the workmanship and products and materials installed on your home.

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