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Model Colony Collections

Model Colony Collections

The Model Colony History Room brings together collections of books, photographs, ephemera, and other materials which document and reflect the City's unique historical and cultural development.


Ontario History Collection books


Books about Ontario and the Inland Empire 

Documented history of the area in a collection of historical and descriptive books and manuscripts about Ontario and the Inland Empire including citrus and agricultural activities, business correspondence of the Chaffey Brothers and Charles Frankish, city directories, business directories, and vital records covering the years 1882 - present. A collection of City-issued documents, reports, codes, newsletters, EIR/EIS studies are also available to the public for review. 

Ontario History Collection pictures

Historical Photographs 

The Model Colony History Room contains thousands of photographs illustrating Ontario and the surrounding areas, dating from the early 1880's to the present. 

Digital reproductions of the photographs are available for purchase in two file formats. Fees paid to the library will vary according to the planned use of the images. 

Ontario History Collection building-survey

Building Survey 

The Ontario Building Survey Collection consists of 3000 architectural surveys of commercial buildings and residences erected prior to 1940. The survey was conducted by the city in 1983 - 1984.

Ontario History Collection pamphlet

Ephemera and Other Materials 

Other materials in the Model Colony Local History Room include extensive newspaper clipping files, maps, pamphlets, scrapbooks, postcards, videos and oral histories.
  A Sampling of Our Special Collections

Ontario History Collection armstrong 

Armstrong Nurseries Collection 
1889 - 1984 

Business and research records of the John S. Armstrong Nursery Company which originated in Ontario. The collection includes photographs, posters, catalogs and research notes of varieties of roses and deciduous plants, including the famous "Charlotte Armstrong" Rose. 

Ontario History Collection iron

G.E. Hotpoint Collection 
1904 - 1982 

This collection contains business records, mechanical drawings, photographs and ephemera including a picture of Ronald Reagan accepting the 50 millionth iron produced by the Ontario G.E. plant in 1956. 

Ontario History Collection ontario-races

Ontario Motor Speedway Collection 
1963 - 1985 

This collection is comprised of planning documents, business correspondence, maps, photos, videos, posters and race memorabilia during the lifetime of the Ontario Motor Speedway. 

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