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Refuse Container

Refuse Container

Some of the materials that should go into your refuse container include the following:

Animal Waste
Carbon Paper
Disposable Diapers
Drinking Glasses
Food Waste
Mirrors & Windows
Paper Plates
Plastic Bags
Wax Paper

Some of the materials that must NOT be placed in the refuse container include the following:

Excessively Heavy Materials
Flammable Materials
Hot Ashes
Radioactive Materials
Fluorescent Lights
Hazardous Waste
Motor Oil
  • Refuse must be placed in your refuse container or in the new black container. Materials left outside of the container may not be collected.
  • Place trash in large, sealed trash bags in order to reduce odor and to prevent trash from littering the neighborhood.
  • Recyclable materials should be placed in the recycling container and not the refuse container.

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