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Recycled Water

Recycled Water

What is Recycled Water?

Recycled water is wastewater that has been purified through a high level of treatment. This processed water is treated to strict standards set by the California Department of Health Services and is constantly monitored by local, state, and federal regulatory agencies to ensure it continuously meets those standards. Recycled water has been found safe for irrigation, industrial and agricultural uses.

In fact, all water on Earth is in some way recycled. Mother Nature has been recycling water and wastewater for millions of years through a natural cleansing process of sedimentation, organic consumption, natural filtration and disinfection. Modern wastewater treatment technology essentially speeds up this natural process.

What are the Benefits of Recycled Water?

The City of Ontario is implementing a Recycled Water Program which will provide a reliable, low cost water supply for irrigation and industrial water uses within the City.

The information provided below summarizes the importance and benefits of recycled water use, not only to the regions water resource management, but also to the consumers of recycled water. In addition, recycled water is approximately 55% less of the cost of potable water.

Recycled Water – A Dependable Alternative

As an alternative to becoming more dependent on imported water supplies, a new course of action is moving forward in the Chino Basin and within the City of Ontario:

  • The development of a comprehensive recycled water program that cost-effectively enhances the reliability of our local water supplies is well underway.
  • Making recycled water use a priority, we can reduce imported water demands by over 15,000 acre-feet per year, and meet over 15% of the water demand for community of Ontario and its businesses by 2030.
  • Unlike imported water supplies, recycled water will be available during dry years, helping to drought-proof our City’s and our region’s economy.
  • The highly treated recycled water delivered by the city, meets the California Department of Health Services “Title 22” requirements for “unrestricted use” suitable for all non-potable uses.

Conversion to Recycled Water – Technical Assistance

The City of Ontario has established a procedure of assisting new recycled water customers. Assistance includes evaluation of the site plumbing and permit processing.

All to Benefit

The City’s recycled water program will help conserve our highest quality potable water for drinking. Please join the City of Ontario in making this exciting Regional Recycled Water Program a reality. Together, we will develop and maintain the water supplies we need to create a prosperous future.

For additional information, or to inquire about the availability of recycled water, please call (909-395-2678)

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