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About the Department

About the Planning Department

Scott Murphy, Planning Director
Phone: (909) 395-2036

The Planning Department

The Planning Department plays a critical role in achieving the City Council’s goals and objectives relative to the physical development of the community and is comprised of the Administration, Land Development, and Advanced Planning divisions.


Administration is responsible for managing overall department functions including personnel, work programs, budgeting, purchasing, clerical support, training, contract administration, and support to the Planning Commission and Zoning Administrator.

Advance Planning

The mission of the Advanced Planning division is to ensure a superior quality of life for the City of Ontario’s current and future residents by addressing matters concerning growth and the environment. Advance Planning deals with special long-range studies, as well as in-depth investigations and analyses of the planning issues affecting the City and region. The division monitors, updates, and maintains the Policy Plan section of The Ontario Plan (formerly General Plan) in conformance with State law. All annexations, Specific Plans, environmental impact report review and special studies are administered through this division. The Advanced Planning division is also responsible for managing the Historic Preservation Program and conducts meeting and activities of the Historic Preservation Subcommittee of the Planning Commission.

Land Development

The Land Development division of the Planning Department is responsible for ensuring that development in the City meets or exceeds the expectations of the community and is of the highest quality possible. This is accomplished with a strong public information program, and a very thorough application review process. It is also important that the City maintains a reputation as being business friendly. The Planning Department has attained this by establishing programs to ensure that development review services are rendered as quickly, thoroughly, and as efficiently as possible. Processes are continuously reviewed for improvement.

The Land Development division is responsible for processing all applications that the department receives, provides technical support to the Planning Commission, Development Advisory Board, and the Zoning Administrator, provides the public with accurate information on planning and zoning issues, and continues to demand the highest possible quality for all new development.

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