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The Commission

The Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission, who receives regular training on historic preservation treatments, is responsible for implementing the City of Ontario's Historic Preservation Program. Currently the Planning Commission acts as the Historic Preservation Commission. The Planning Commission meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Only applications for District or Landmark designation, Certificates of Appropriateness on Designated Structures or Demolitions, Certificates of Economic Hardship and Mills Act Contracts are taken to the Commission. The Commission formed a Historic Preservation Subcommittee to deal with the majority of the issues and requests regarding Historic Preservation. The Historic Preservation Subcommittee consists of 3 Planning Commission Members. They are:

  • Richard Delman, Historic Preservation Chairman 
  • Jim Willoughby, Historic Preservation Commissioner
  • Bob Gregorek, Historic Preservation Commissioner

All applications are taken to the Historic Preservation Subcommittee for their review. The Subcommittee is the hearing body for requests for removal from the Eligibility List and makes recommendations to the full Commission on other miscellaneous requests. The Historic Preservation Subcommittee meets typically on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

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