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Historic Surveys

Historic Surveys

Ontario has conducted numerous surveys to identify potential historical resources. An historical resources survey is the primary tool used to identify, record, and evaluate historic properties in Ontario. The inventories generated from these survey activities form an important component in local preservation programs, and ultimately contribute to our knowledge of historical resources statewide.

The surveys identify properties that have the potential to become eligible historic resources as well as areas and neighborhoods that due to the concentration of potential historic resources have the potential to be historic districts. These properties, surveyed at the reconnaissance level in accordance with the standards set forth by the California Office of Historic Preservation, are identified but not evaluated for historic significance, and therefore are not considered eligible historic structures or eligible historic districts.

The City of Ontario has completed the following major surveys

Citywide Survey, 1983:

This survey identified approximately 3,000 potential historic properties. These properties were later determined to be eligible historic properties by the Historic Preservation Commission

Downtown Survey, 2003:

The Downtown Survey updated the original Citywide Survey.

New Model Colony (NMC), 2004:

The NMC Survey was the first historic resources survey conducted in the New Model Colony. A Reconnaissance Level Survey was completed and is used to address the potential impacts to historic properties caused by the development of the area, and will be incorporated into the EIR’s for the area.

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