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Ontario’s inventory of historic resources includes local, state, and national registers. Historic resources within the inventory may be listed as designated, nominated, determined eligible, eligible through survey, or determined ineligible for local, state, or national registers. 

Ontario Local Register

The official local register or list, which includes an inventory of buildings, structures, sites, objects, and districts within the City that are worthy of preservation due to their significance in history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and/or culture. For more information on the local inventory, visit the California Historical Resource Inventory Database (CHRID). For more information on designated local landmarks and historic districts, please see Properties and Neighborhoods.

National Register of Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places is the nation's official list of buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts worthy of preservation. The National Register was established by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. The purposes of the Act are to; 1) insure that properties significant in national, state, and local history are considered in the planning of federal undertakings; and 2) to encourage historic preservation initiatives by state and local governments and the private sector. The National Register recognizes resources of local, state and national significance and registers only those properties that have retained enough physical integrity to accurately convey their appearance during their period of historical significance.

Ontario has several resources that are listed in, or in the process of being listed in, the National Register. 
No. Historic Name Address APN Designation Date
1. Frankish Building 200 S Euclid Avenue 104905803 August 11, 1980
2. Hofer Ranch 11274 S Turner Avenue 21121112 July 8, 1993
3. Ontario State Bank Block 300 S Euclid Avenue Demolished  
4. Euclid Avenue 24th St (Upland) to Philadelphia St Not Applicable August 10, 2005
5.  Dr. O.S. Ensign House 304 S. Laurel Ave.  109404304 March 20, 2012
6. Ontario Ballpark John Galvin Park Preparing Application  

California Register

The State Historical Resources Commission has designed the California Register program for use by state and local agencies, private groups and citizens to identify, evaluate, register and protect California's historical resources. The Register is the authoritative guide to the state's significant historical and archeological resources. The California Register program encourages public recognition and protection of resources of architectural, historical, archeological and cultural significance, identifies historical resources for state and local planning purposes, determines eligibility for state historic preservation grant funding and affords certain protections under the California Environmental Quality Act. 

Historic preservation has four essential components: identification, evaluation, registration and protection. The Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) offers different registration programs, California Historical Landmarks, California Points of Historical Interest, and California Register of Historical Resources.

Each registration program is unique in the benefits offered and procedures required. If a resource meets the criteria for registration, it may be nominated by any individual, group, or local government to any program at any time. Resources do not need to be locally designated before being nominated to a state program nor do they need to be registered at the state level before being nominated to the National Register.

As of January 2008, there are 1,044 California Historical Landmarks, 851 Points of Historical Interest, 2,380 National Register listings, and more than 25,000 resources listed in the California Register

Listing a property

Nominations for both the National and California Registers are submitted to the State Office of Historic Preservation (OHP). The City of Ontario is given the opportunity to comment on the nomination. For more information, please contact the Planning Department. 

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