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For further information on the New Model Colony, please contact the City's Planning Department at (909) 395-2036

What is the connection of the Sphere of Influence to the New Model Colony?

The Sphere of Influence was the term used in reference to the area the City of Ontario designated for annexation. This resolution required amendments to the City of Ontario’s General Plan and all documents regarding annexation refers to the area as the Sphere of Influence. On November
30, 1999 the final phase of annexation transpired and the City dedicated the area with the new identity of “New Model Colony”.

What is the vision for the Sphere of Influence in terms of future development?

The SOI will become a place of diversity, encompassing a mix of residential neighborhoods, high intensity regional serving centers, employment centers, and an activity core that serves as the common focal point for all neighborhoods and districts. Each neighborhood and center will become a place that is uniquely identifiable, united through a network of greenways/trails, open spaces, amenities and infrastructure. Livability and quality of life are important drivers of its uses and urban form. The creation of mixed use, commercial and public places that emphasize pedestrian activity is a fundamental premise of the SOI General Plan.

How long will it take for the area to reach build-out?

The General Plan for the area anticipates build-out in 30 years. This figure is only an estimate and the build-out could vary due to market conditions.

How does land become developed?

The pre-zoning ordinance adopted by the City Council on April 20, 1998 designates the entire sphere of influence area as “SP” (Specific Plan District). The zoning designation of SP requires the area be developed with a series of Specific Plans that carry out objectives of the SOI General Plan, with land uses consistent with the approved General Plan.

When will the City begin accepting applications for development, business license requests, new signs, etc.?

The City began accepting applications on November 30, 1999. To date, six specific plan applications have been submitted to the City envisioning the development of 5,285 single family residences, 2,029 multi-family units, over 400,000 square feet of commercial development, and over 500,000 square feet of business park/light industrial development.

How long will it take to review/process Specific Plans within the Sphere of Influence area?

The review process should normally take between 12 to 18 months depending on the complexity of the Specific Plan and/or environmental review.

What are the anticipated impact fees, including infrastructure, parks, utilities, biological mitigation, etc.?

On September 10, 2002, the City Council approved the New Model Colony Master Plans for sewer, water, storm drainage, transportation, and parks. Following approval, the Master Facilities Plan and Development Impact Fee Report were prepared to identify the total costs of the infrastructure installation and the “per unit” cost required to install the required infrastructure. On June 23, 2003, the City Council approved the development impact fees for the New Model Colony. Copies of the Master Facilities Plan and the Development Impact Fee Report are available from the City of Ontario Planning Department.

How does the Williamson Act apply to property within the SOI; what are the cancellation procedures?

Of the total 8,200 acres within the SOI, approximately 5,400 acres are presently under Land Conservation Contract (LCC) established under the Williamson Act. Once the preserve was established, property owners were permitted to contract with the County to preserve the property and qualify for a property tax assessment based upon use and economic yield rather than full market value of the property. An LCC has a minimum term of ten (10) years. However, this term is automatically renewed each year for an additional year, thereby keeping the term of the contract to a period of ten years. This perpetual contract continues until the administering entity, (City) or the owner files a Notice of Non-Renewal, which terminates the contract at the end of its remaining term. When a Notice of Non-Renewal is filed, the property tax assessment gradually reverts back to being computed upon full market value rather than use. Property owners may petition to have the LCC canceled, subject to specific criteria and payment of cancellation fees. The cancellation fee normally equals twelve and one-half (12.5%) percent of the property’s current full market value.

Will current agricultural uses and agricultural support uses be allowed to continue or be allowed to expand?

Yes. Existing agricultural uses and agricultural support uses will be allowed to continue. It is the intent of the City not to prohibit or discourage the continued agricultural use of the area until a Specific Plan for urban development is approved and development occurs. Each Specific Plan is required to address the appropriate transition of the area from agricultural uses to urban uses and include provisions for buffering between such use as needed to protect agricultural uses as well as the new urban uses.

Will there be any measures to protect existing farming operations from future development?

Yes. Two measures address this: 1) Agricultural Overlay District, allows for interim agricultural uses and agricultural support uses and 2) Right-to-Farm Ordinance protecting existing farming operations from future development.

What is the review procedure for interim agricultural uses.

The agricultural overlay district identifies permitted and conditional uses and development standards for interim uses within the SOI. The review procedure is based on the type of use and the extent of construction. The City’s development plan review procedures will generally apply to new structures in excess of five thousand 5000 square feet of floor area. An expedited review procedure will be used for this purpose.

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