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Specialized Academies

Specialized Academies

Business Academy

The Business Academy is endorsed by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. It is designed to provide members of the business community with strategic information necessary for the successful operations of their business. Experts will teach the classes from law enforcement and private industry. Those who should attend include business owners, general managers, supervisors, department heads and anyone responsible for the safe operation of their company. The academy applies to retail, commercial, industrial, professional and service industries.

Citizens Academy

The Citizens Academy is a course for the general public designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Ontario Police Department. This outstanding program is offered free of charge to qualified applicants. The Citizens Academy provides different speakers each week. All instructors are employed by the Ontario Police Department. The program is part of an ongoing effort to strengthen the relationship between the public and the Ontario Police Department.

Public Safety Academy

The Public Safety Academy is a free, four-week program and is opened to the general public. The program will cover a variety of pertinent safety topics. Participants will learn how to protect themselves, homes and vehicles from theft and protect their neighborhoods.

Senior Safety Academy

The Senior Academy is open to the general public. Special emphasis will be given on safety issues affecting the elderly. The program is free and training will include topics and information on personal safety, telemarketing fraud, con games, elder abuse and home security.

Parent Project

The Parent Project is an award winning parenting program that is specifically designed to help parents prevent and intervene in the most destructive of adolescent behaviors. The Parent Project's goal is to prevent and reduce gang violence, drug use and school drop outs by identifying and assisting concerned parents of high risk youth.

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