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Fiscal Services Unit

Fiscal Services Unit

The Fiscal Services Unit is responsible for preparing and monitoring the Ontario Police Department’s budget, grants program, building/facilities maintenance management, and the processing of payroll, expenditures, accounts payable, and billing of reimbursable services. The Fiscal Services Unit is comprised of a Senior Management Analyst, and two Administrative Assistants.


The Senior Management Analyst is responsible for coordinating the organization and monitoring of the Police Department’s revenues and annual budget of over $60 million. Additionally, the Senior Management Analyst supervises personnel as assigned, prepares staff reports for City Council approval, and conducts special research and analysis projects—collecting sufficient data to support conclusions and recommendations.

For questions or assistance, please contact 909-395-2979

Grants Program

The Police Grants Analyst is responsible for researching and coordinating the preparation of Federal, State, and local grant applications for the Police Department, totaling an annual average of $1 million to $2.5 million in grant awards for public safety salaries, overtime, training, and equipment. Our accomplishments in the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) grant programs over the last seven years have earned the Ontario Police Department the distinction of being a model agency on how an effective OTS Grant Program should be administered. Additionally, the Police Grants Analyst serves as the Department’s liaison with grant agencies for financial audits and inspections of grant-purchased equipment.

For questions or assistance, please contact 909-395-2979


The Police Department Management Analyst primary responsibility is to review, finalize, and ensure employee timecards in the City’s Kronos automated time and attendance system comply with the rules and regulations established in the Memorandum of Understanding of each City Bargaining Unit, as well as Departmental Directives, concerning compensation and time keeping. The Management Analyst interacts with City Payroll to ensure the accurate calculation of unique pays for Police employees. Additionally, the Management Analyst acts as the liaison between Police employees and City Payroll in answering and/or correcting employee paychecks and timecard entries.

For questions or assistance, please contact 909-395-2757

Purchasing / Accounts Payable

The Purchasing/Accounts Payable Administrative Assistant is responsible for processing expenditures and completing accounts payable functions within the Police Department. This includes paying all invoices/bills; receiving/reconciling delivery of goods; processing petty cash; ordering police badges; administering City-issued credit cards and Department-issued cell phones; and acting as the Department’s liaison between City Finance/Purchasing Departments and Police vendors. The Administrative Assistant also oversees the day-to-day operations of the newly implemented “On-line Purchase Requisition” system.

For questions or assistance, please contact 909-395-2717

Building / Facilities

The Police Department moved into its current facility on January 27, 2004. The Building/Facilities component of the Fiscal Services Unit is responsible for coordinating new building projects and overseeing the resolution of all building maintenance issues. Emergency items handled encompass CCTV/security system, fire protection, HVAC, plumbing, etc.

For questions or assistance, please contact 909-395-2889

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