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Mills Station

Mills Station

Mills Station Image 1In November 1996, Ontario Police Department activated a fully operational sub-station at California’s newest and largest indoor discount shopping mall, the Ontario Mills. The Mills currently operates 1.7 million square feet of store space which is expandable to 2 million square feet. There are over 200 stores under one roof, the size of 48 football fields. The Ontario Mills is home to the largest theater and entertainment complex in the world.

A great deal of advanced planning went into the Mills Station, with consideration to the projected crowds and the attending problems. Members of the Strategic Planning Committee completed site visits to major shopping centers across the country. The Police Department worked closely with the City Building and Planning departments as well as the Mills architects.

Mills Station Image 2

The Mills Station has proven itself to be an absolute necessity to the welfare of the visitors to the Mall. Officers are deployed seven days a week to provide service to the stores and the shopping public. The crowds at the Mills have exceeded the highest projected estimates.

More than 17 million shoppers spending more than $400 million took advantage of the shopping convenience and the bargains in the first year. Ease of access from the junction of the 10 and 15 Interstate Freeways and increased customer demand has resulted in on-going development and construction at the Ontario Mills.

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