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Memorial 1

Memorial 1

Bernard Green

The Ontario Police Department lost it's first officer on June 15, 1951. Officer Bernard Green was assisting San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies who were in pursuit of a suspect in the attempted murder of a police officer. The pursuit proceeded into Ontario from Fontana on Highway 99 (Holt Boulevard). 

Patrolman Green took a position as ordered at Holt Blvd. & Bon View. As the suspect approached Green’s marked police car, he intentionally rammed it in the rear causing the gas tank to explode and hurling the unit into a cement truck. 

Officer Green was thrown from the car, but the heat and flames were too intense to reach him for several minutes. He later died at San Antonio Community Hospital.

Louis DuLisse

On March 17, 1954 at 9:40pm, 43 year old Louis Dulisse was riding as a Reserve Officer with his partner Sgt. H.D. Williams, one of the 35 sworn officers of the Ontario Police Department. 
Sgt. Williams and Reserve Officer DuLisse arrived in response to an attempted robbery at the Casa Blanca Hotel. Williams ordered DuLisse to cover the exterior and wait for backup as he went into the lobby and was disarmed by a hiding suspect. As other officers arrived and approached the deadly situation, DuLisse gave up his cover to warn the other officers of the danger.
Louis DuLisse was immediately fired upon by the suspect in the lobby and was unable to return fire without endangering Sgt. Williams. Reserve Officer Louis Dulisse paid the ultimate price to defend his City.

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