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Memorial 2

Memorial 2

Russel Grower

On February of 1958, Detective Russel Grower gave his life in service to the City of Ontario. Accompanied by a detective from Pomona and another detective from Monte Vista, Detective Grower was shot in the head during an investigation that led them to the area of Chino Hills. 

A massive manhunt lead by Sheriff Frank Bland resulted in the arrest of Lester Bonds who had a history of violent mental illness and assaults on law enforcement officers.  

Detective Grower was a veteran of World War II and had been shot down in enemy territory. He was held as a prisoner of war for 13 months and nearly died in the infamous Stalag 17.





Richard Mason Hyche 

Ontario Officer Richard Mason Hyche was killed by Steven Miller on October 15, 1975. Miller was wanted for investigation of a murder at the Pepper Tree Motel the previous day. 

Miller was seen walking along Sixth Street near the overpass of the IS 10 freeway and as a police unit responded to the area, it was immediately fired upon by Miller who fled the scene on foot. Officer Hyche drove to an apartment complex north of the freeway and parked and exited his unit to see if anyone had seen the suspect running in the area.

Hyche had taken only about 10 steps when Miller shot him from the corner of one of the apartment buildings. Hyche fell wounded. Officers Pete Carillo and Rusty Green arrived, and risked their lives to pull Hyche to safety while under fire from Miller. Officer Hyche died at 12:40pm. 

Miller was captured, convicted of the murder and sentenced to death, escaping the gas chamber due to Supreme Court decisions. He later escaped from prison and was killed in Montana after a deadly crime spree there.


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