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Air Support

Air Support

The Ontario Police Air Support Unit, started in 1989, operates two Eurocopter AS 350B2, each equipped with NightSun searchlights of 30 million candlepower, L-3/Wescam forward looking infrared (FLIR), and appropriate radios for communication and navigation. Air Support

Since its inception, the Air Support Unit has responded to over 77,000 calls for service and has been first on scene more than 96% of the time. The Unit has assisted in the recovery of $9 million in illegal drug assets, recovered over $11 million in stolen property, and the arrest of nearly 12,000 suspects.

The Air Support Unit operates 365 days per year. The Unit is comprised of one Sergeant/Pilot, three Police Officer Pilots, three Flight Officers, one relief Flight Officer, and two helicopter mechanics.

Air Support In addition to assisting patrol officers in their normal duties, the aircraft also provide assistance to the Identification Unit for aerial photography, and the SWAT Team for their specialized operations, the Detective Bureau and the Narcotics Unit, and occasionally assist other agencies within the City of Ontario.

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