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Traffic Division

Traffic Division

The Ontario Police Department’s Traffic Services Division is dedicated to the safety of its citizens whether they are driving, biking, or walking. We strive to keep the streets safe through active enforcement and high visibility. We are frequently moving forward with cutting edge technology including collision animation and advanced training. We are one of the most professional and advanced traffic units in Southern California.Traffic

The Ontario Police Department’s Traffic Services Division’s responsibilities include: traffic law enforcement, fatal and injury collision investigations, hit and run collision investigations, insurance fraud investigations, commercial enforcement,intoxicated driver checkpoints, maximum enforcement details, and instilling public awareness of traffic laws and safety. The division also is responsible for traffic control from holiday parades and sporting events.

The Ontario Police Department’s Traffic Services Division is awarded traffic safety grants through the California Office of Traffic Safety which allots Federal and State funds to reduce traffic accidents and collisions. Traffic safety grants enable the Department to conduct safety checkpoints for intoxicated drivers and illegal street racing. Grants are also used to purchase radar trailers and cargo trailers to transport checkpoint equipment.

The Ontario Police Department’s Traffic Services Division consists of a lieutenant, a sergeant, a detective, 10 police officers or corporals, 3 report taking technicians and a records clerk. Police vehicles include 13 police motorcycles, a black and white police car and five utility vehicles. There are trailers with light towers, radar equipment, and message signs.

The Ontario Police Department’s Traffic Services Division works with local schools by holding “seatbelt challenges” a program to encourage teen seatbelt usage, bicycle rodeos to promote children’s bicycle safety, and “Every Fifteen Minutes;” a program that brings awareness to teens about the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

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