Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Bureau consists of a Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshal, Fire Protection Analyst, Plan Checker, (2) Senior Fire Safety Specialists, (5) Fire Safety Specialists, (3) Fire Safety Technicians, (2) Permit Technicians, and an Administrative Technician. The main duties this Bureau is responsible for are, the Fire and Life Safety Inspection Program, Plan Review, Public Education, Fire Investigation and Fireworks Enforcement. It also provides permitting, inspection of, and standby for events such as firework shows, concerts, conventions, etc. 

The Bureau currently enforces the 2022 California Fire, Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Residential Codes, as amended by the Ontario Municipal Code; National Fire Protection Association Standards; Title 19, of the California Public Safety Code; and, the California Health and Safety Code. 

Fire Prevention Organization Chart


Citizen Portal Access

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Public Education

The Ontario Fire Department provides public education through outreach events such as our Annual Fire Department Open House which is held in the month of October. Open House is held each year to commemorate National Fire Prevention Week. During this event, we not only educate the public on fire safety, we also hold demonstrations of firefighters in action. This free event is great for all ages. 

In addition to outreach events, the Fire Prevention Bureau will provide on-site training for schools and businesses in the City of Ontario upon request. Training can consist of general fire safety tips for in the home, workplace safety, how to use a fire extinguisher (no live fire), etc. 

Fire Safety Tip Information can be found on websites such as the following:  

Fire and Life Safety Inspections

The purpose of the Fire and Life Safety Inspection Program is to prevent injuries, loss of life, business interruption and property damage resulting from fires. In accordance with the California Fire Code and the Ontario Municipal Code, the Ontario Fire Department is required to inspect all Ontario businesses, schools, hospital, airport, residential properties (consisting of 3 or more attached units) for fire and life safety compliance. The frequency of the inspection depends on state laws, industry standards and general life safety hazards. 

If fire code violations are found, a correction notice will be written with a re-inspection date. A re-inspection is conducted to confirm that all violations have been corrected. Most violations must be corrected within 14 days. 

On January 21, 2020 the Ontario City Council approved an updated Citywide Fee Schedule and adopted a new $80 Fire and Life Safety Inspection fee. Only businesses that are required to receive an annual fire and life safety inspection will be subject to the fee (residential units are currently exempt). Businesses that are required to obtain an Annual Fire Department Operational Permit are subject to separate fees as set per the Adopted Citywide Fee Schedule. 

For questions regarding the annual fire and life safety inspection program, contact (909) 395-2029.

Plan Review

Plan submittals are required for all new buildings and for changes to existing buildings. The Ontario Fire Department reviews these plans to help ensure that the applicable codes, ordinances, and standards are being followed, and to prevent hazards. 

Beginning July 1st, 2023 we will be 100% digital. All new submittals must be submitted through our Citizen's Portal Access.  

Plans that qualify to be submitted online include, underground fire protection water mains, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, pre-engineered fire protection systems, high pile storage, and hazardous materials. All other permit needs that do not require plan check will still be accepted at the fire counter located at 303 East B Street.

For questions regarding the plan review submittal process and fees, or, if you have approved plans and are ready to set up a field inspection, contact (909) 395-2562. 


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