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Clean Streets

Clean Street Schedule

The Clean Streets program was developed to improve the quality of life in Ontario neighborhoods susceptible to criminal activity due to the visible appearance of the area. Clean Streets takes a multi-agency approach to abating problems within the City right of way. Within a four hour period, the Clean Streets program can make a dramatic improvement in the physical appearance of a neighborhood. 

The Clean Streets program consists of the following tasks:

  • Street Sweeping 
  • Graffiti Removal 
  • Weed Abatement 
  • Tree Trimming 
  • Street Light Repair 
  • Towing of Illegally Parked Vehicles 
  • Removal of Shopping Carts

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Concrete Repair


Street Surfacing

Street Overlay Consist of 3 Stages:

  1. Street Grinding - Street is ground with 4 ft header cuts, so new asphalt binds to existing gutter line.
  2. Crack Sealing - Cracks are filled to eliminate the reflective cracking of new pavement.
  3. Resurfacing - After 3 weeks of crack sealing cure time, the street will be resurfaced with 1 in. overlay of hot asphalt.

When your street is scheduled to receive an overlay, we ask that you please follow the guidelines below:

  • Please park your vehicle on a different street if you intend to use it after 7:00 a.m. 
  • Please do not park your vehicle in the street as we will be sweeping the street before we begin resurfacing 
  • Please avoid running water into the street at least 24 hours before the resurfacing 
  • Please keep children and pets away from the street as we will be using hot paving materials 
  • If the resurfacing of your street is scheduled for your normal trash day pickup please put your trash and recycling out by 6:00 A.M. and it will be collected prior to resurfacing of your street. 

City crews will reopen your street when it is safe for traffic. We will be working as quickly as possible to complete the resurfacing and apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have any questions, please call the Street Department at (909) 395-2639.


Street Sweeping

In an effort to maintain our City streets at a high standard, some residential street sweeping routes have changed. Effective January 1, 2010, your street sweeping schedule is now the day after your curbside trash is picked up. 

If your street is currently swept on the day after trash pick-up, there will be no changes. 

If your trash is picked up on Fridays, your street will be swept on Mondays. 

Please make every effort to not park vehicles on the street during your scheduled trash pick up and street sweeping days are currently swept on the day after trash pick-up, there will be no changes. 

Click here to view an interactive map of the Street Sweeping Schedule

Downloadable Files

Downloadable Files