Programs and Rebates

Turf Replacement Program-$2.50/square foot

Ontario residents and businesses are eligible to receive up to $2.50/square foot for replacing turf with drought-tolerant plants. Interested residents can visit for more information and to apply. The rebate is based on the availability of funding. Please contact 909-395-2614 if you have any questions. 


FREE Landscape Evaluation

The Chino Basin Water Conservation District offers FREE outdoor water evaluations for customers living or doing business within the Inland Empire Utilities Agency boundaries. Please visit or call 909-626-2711 for more information.

Rebate Programs

SoCal Water Smart Rebates

For a complete list of programs please visit

  • Install a High-Efficiency Clothes Washer
Irrigation Tune Up

Customers with an existing irrigation system may be eligible for assistance in maximizing its efficiency. A certified contractor will evaluate the existing irrigation system, noting any repairs needed or areas where efficiency can be improved. Services provided include: controller programming/scheduling, replacement of broken sprinkler nozzles or heads (within reason), valve repair or replacement when leaking/not working properly, valve rewiring and minor repairs to leaking irrigation lines.

Residents of single family homes are eligible to participate in the Irrigation Tune Up Program. This no cost program includes basic irrigation repairs to help make irrigation systems more efficient. Please email or call 909-395-2614 for more information or to sign up.

Water Softener Rebate Program

Did you know that self-regenerating water softeners contribute up to 30 pounds of salt each month into the sewer system? That salt eventually ends up in the groundwater and recycled water supplies. The City of Ontario does not allow residents or businesses to install self-regenerating water softeners. If you would like to have a salt-based water softener installed, you can install a softener that deposits the salt in a container that is collected by a professional service. If you would like to remove your self-regenerating water softener you may be eligible for a $2000 rebate from the Inland Empire Utilities Agency.


Free Smart Controller Upgrade Program

The Ontario Municipal Utilities Company is offering a free Residential Landscape Retrofit Program, available to qualifying Ontario Homeowners (Limited Funding Available.)

The Program Provides:

  • Retrofit of the existing irrigation controller/timer with a new "Smart" controller
  • Assistance with programming the "Smart" controller
  • Evaluation of how water is being used at the home, and recommendations for improvement

To Qualify:

  • Resident must have a minimum of 500 square feet of landscaped area and no larger than 87,120 square feet of landscaped area
  • Resident must have a working sprinkler system with a non-weather based irrigation controller
  • Resident must agree to keep in-place and maintain smart controller

For more information, call (909) 395-2614

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