Training & Professional Services

The Training and Professional Services Bureau is led by Deputy Chief Mike Wedell and is supported by two Administrative Fire Captains. The Bureau is responsible for ensuring all personnel are highly training and equipped with skills and knowledge necessary to professionally mitigate emergencies of all types. In addition to providing relevant training to all ranks and specialties programs, the Training and Professional Services Bureau is responsible for recruitment, the health and wellness program, and the honor guard. 

Training & Professional Services Organization Chart


  • Teach each firefighter to operate at acceptable performance levels for his/her rank and assignment. 
  • Generate an environment promoting continuous learning within a progressive organization and the willingness of individuals to strive for self-improvement at the individual level. 
  • Provide professional development for firefighters by establishing the standard and procedures for a given task. 
  • Ensure that firefighters understand all standards and procedures and give employees who wish to promote the knowledge and understanding of the position to which they aspire. 


  • Conduct classes, drills and exercises to meet the requirements of mandated and seasonal training. 
  • Expand the professional abilities of firefighters in order to enhance public service levels.
  • Coordinate all aspects of training in an organized, efficient manner. 
  • Involve the Chief Officers in the evaluation and delivery of training. 
  • Review, enhance and develop multimedia training and maintain a resource center. 
  • Continue in managing, maintaining and improving the Department's training facilities. 
  • Maintain community good will through outreach programs. 
  • Explore the opportunities of foundation grants to fund existing or new programs. 



The Ontario Fire Department is looking for individuals who embody our core values: Integrity, Service, Accountability, Respect and Honor. Ontario is a world class city with a renowned Fire Department for its rich history and leadership within the industry. As an Ontario firefighters you will gain career fulfillment through exposure to dynamic fire and rescue calls for service, challenging emergency medical services responses, wildland firefighting through the Statewide Mutual Aid system and involvement in Urban Service and Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Bomb Squad, SWAT/Tactical Paramedic and Airport Rescue Firefighting programs. 

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Health & Wellness

The Ontario Fire Department is committed to ensuring their firefighters are able to maintain a high level of physical fitness and mental resiliency, to safely and effectively perform their duties over the course of their careers. The health and wellness program focuses on occupational health, injury prevention, rehabilitation and fitness for our personnel. 

Honor Guard

The Ontario Fire Department Honor Guard provides official representing the during ceremonies, funerals, and special assignments. The Honor Guard uses traditional rites and procedures while representing the Department at these formal events. 

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