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Rebate Programs

Rebate Programs

Conservation Programs


  • Turf Removal Program (no longer accepting new applications)
    • Facing unprecedented public demand for incentives to transform the region’s landscapes, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California announced it will be closing its turf rebate program to new applications because available funding has been fully allocated.
  • FREE Residential (Landscape) Irrigation Retrofit Program – available to qualifying Ontario Homeowners
    • Retrofit of the existing irrigation controller/timer with a new “Smart” controller
    • Assistance with programming the “Smart” controller
    • Evaluation of how water is being used at the home, and recommendations for improvement
    • Available for properties under 1/4 acre and over 1/4 acre
    • Resident must have a working sprinkler system and a non weather based irrigation controller
    • To apply, click here
  • FREE Landscape Evaluation/Audit Program
  • Receive a complete evaluation and recommendations on how to improve your overall efficiency of your outdoor irrigation system
  • Visit the Chino Basin Water Conservation District website to apply
  • Automatic Water Softener Removal Rebate Program
  • Visit Inland Empire Utilities Agency


SoCal Water Smart Rebates

For a complete list of programs please visit

  • Install a High Efficiency Clothes Washer

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