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About the Library

About the Library

Helen McAlary

Agency Director

(909) 395-2222

Shawn Thrasher

Library Director

(909) 395-2204

A five member Library Board of Trustees, appointed by the City Council, makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the operation of the Library system.

Through membership in the Inland Library System, the resources of 18 local libraries as well as other networks are available to registered borrowers in person and through inter-library loan. 

Library Board of Trustees

Nancy Bumstead - President
Elizabeth Ann Palicki - Vice President
Rachel Carmona - Secretary
Irene Chisholm - Member
George A. Newberry - Member
Shawn Thrasher - Library Director


We strengthen our community by creating and supporting lifelong reading, learning, and enjoyment.


The Ontario City Library is your place to connect to each other and the world—where you are inspired by our materials, innovative programs and services, and are delighted by our commitment to the community.


We will provide the most community value if: 

We are Committed to the Community: 

  • We provide equitable access to everyone. 
  • We respect the public’s right to intellectual freedom and to privacy. 

We Achieve Excellence Through Teamwork: 

  • We provide opportunities for our staff to learn, grow, and work together to achieve excellence. 
  • We collaborate and partner to leverage resources. 

We Do the Right Thing the Right Way: 

  • We are looking forward with optimism while honoring our past. 
  • We are accountable to the community, the City, and to each other to do the right thing the right way. 
  • We use appropriate technology as a tool to enhance our services and our productivity. 

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