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Approach to Public Service

Approach to Public Service

City of Ontario Community and Public Services Agency 
Ontario Museum of History & Art
Approach to Public Service 

The public service mission of the Ontario Museum of History & Art is to serve Ontario’s communities as a trusted source of knowledge, learning and inspiration. 

Commitment to the Community 

We value:

  • Our role as a welcoming and inclusive civic asset. 
  • Sensitivity and responsiveness to the evolving nature of the community. 
  • Our role in life-long learning. 
  • Local and regional audiences and we welcome visitors to our community. 

Excellence through Teamwork 

We value:

  • The individual investments of volunteers, donors, and other supporters.
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships with other city departments, the education and business communities and other community organizations.
  • Participation in downtown development.
  • The role of the arts and local heritage in developing communities and cultural leadership.

Doing the Right Thing the Right Way 

We value: 

  • Professional and ethical operations. 
  • Preservation and interpretation of our local heritage beginning with the Old City Hall, Ontario Historic Landmark #2, which houses the museum. 

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