Vista Verde Apartments

Last month applications were accepted for the Emporia Place complex.  The application process is now closed, and eligible applicants will soon be identified and notified of their acceptance.

While many continue to talk about affordable housing and limited availability of housing, the Ontario City Council already has the next set of units opening near the end of 2020.  This next project is the Vista Verde Apartments

This project will have (69) 2-bedroom units and (33) 3-bedroom units.  So, if you just missed out on Emporia Place, there are more opportunities to come.

The Vista Verde Apartments is located on approximately 4.18 acres of land, bordered by Holt Boulevard on the south, Nocta Street on the north,

Virginia Avenue on the west, and residentially developed properties to the east.

This project is also a key component of Ontario's $35 million Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Program grant funding for the implementation of a variety of community development activities within and around downtown Ontario.


Visit their website to request additional information if you are interested.   

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