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Additional Recycling Programs

The City of Ontario offers several programs in order to promote waste minimization and recycling efforts. These programs are extended to residential customers.

Contact the City of Ontario's recycling hotline at (909) 395-2040 today for more information.

For more recycling information, please visit CalRecycle.


Composting is a natural recycling process that takes organic wastes (fruits, vegetables, and yard trimmings) and turns it into a dark, crumbly, sweet-smelling soil conditioner. There are several advantages to composting such as:

  • Composting saves money. You can save money by lowering trash bills with less waste being generated and by replacing store bought soil with compost.
  • It helps gardens and houseplants. Compost can improve the fertility and health of the soil.
  • Composting saves water. It helps the soil hold moisture and reduces the amount of water runoff.
  • It saves valuable landfill space, which extends the life of our landfills, thus making it environmentally friendly.

The City conducts workshops throughout the year. Anyone may attend one of the workshops, however only Ontario residents are eligible to receive a compost bin at a REDUCED RATE upon attending the workshop. Residents may order compost bins at the workshop. Compost bins will be delivered to the residents. Please contact (909) 395-2040 for additional information.


Grasscycling is the practice of naturally recycling grass by leaving clippings on the lawn while mowing. The advantages to grasscycling are the following:

  • It saves time since there is no longer a need to bag and dump the grass into a refuse container.
  • It saves money. Grass clippings decompose quickly and release valuable nutrients back into the soil, this way less fertilizer is needed.
  • Encourages a healthier lawn. Lawn clippings contain nitrogen, which is a valuable nutrient for lawns.
  • Grasscycling saves valuable landfill space with reduced waste being generated.
  • It saves energy with less refuse collection trucks needed to haul lawn clippings to landfills.

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