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Are there any non-permitted days for watering turf and other plants?

Ontario residents can apply water to their landscape any day of the week. Watering must take place before 9am or after 4pm.

Are there are any rebate programs available for removing turf and replacing it with drought tolerant plants?

Funds for the turf removal program, through, have been exhausted. There are currently no rebates available for turf removal.

How do I request approval for filling or refilling my pool?

The current water restrictions require that residents get approval prior to filling or refilling their swimming pool. Residents can fill out the pool request form by clicking on the button located on the top right hand side of the website or by visiting the following website

Am I allowed to wash my car?

Under the current water restrictions you may wash your vehicles as long as you use an automatic shut off nozzle on the hose. Taking your car to the carwash is a much more efficient use of water and reduces the amount of run-off produced.

Where can I get free mulch?

The City of Ontario holds two mulch giveaways a year, please call (909)395-2633 for more information. In addition, the Chino Basin Water Conservation District gives away free mulch twice a month.

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