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Investigations Bureau

Investigations Bureau

John Duffield


Our Narcotics Unit works with other Department Units, other local Law Enforcement Units, California State Law Enforcement agencies and Federal Law Enforcement agencies. The Narcotic Unit serves to help our citizens maintain the quality of life in their neighborhood, and the Unit serves to thwart the efforts of major drug traffickers.

Our Gang Unit members are experts in investigating the activities of persons that conduct criminal activity in groups. They work with other Departmental Units, Local agencies, Federal agencies and State agencies to curtail the violent activities often associated with gang members.

Our Crime Scene Unit works with all other Units and Divisions within the Department. The technicians in the Unit are highly trained and experienced forensic specialist. The technicians have the technology, equipment and training to discover and process evidence for all of the criminal cases filed for prosecution.

Our Evidence Unit takes in all manner of physical goods into professional and organized custody. The Unit maintains all evidence in the preparation for adjudication.

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