Ontario Launches Downtown Retail Pop-up Program

November 21, 2022

The Ontario Economic Development Department launched its first-ever Downtown Retail Pop-up Program. The Downtown Retail Pop-up Program calls for two (2) qualified small businesses looking to grow into brick-and-mortar stores. The program will bolster the downtown retail sector by providing selected applicants with technical support in obtaining permits, marketing assistance, introductions to the Downtown Ontario Improvement Association (DOIA), and the opportunity to test the local market.

The City will offer selected businesses short-term rental of City-owned commercial tenant space for $1.00 monthly for up to six (6) months, including free utilities and a Wi-Fi hotspot. The available tenant spaces are located in the heart of downtown Ontario on the busy Euclid Avenue and B Street, 137 N Euclid and 141 N Euclid. Selected applicants must provide proof of general liability insurance, apply for all necessary permits, sign a release of liability waiver and Right of Entry permit, and make a refundable deposit of $1/square foot. 

The City is committed to promoting downtown Ontario's vibrancy and economic prosperity as well as supporting small business owners by allowing them an opportunity to expand their business without the high start-up costs. The program complements the suite of existing downtown programs, which are essential as the City invests millions in property acquisitions, infrastructure improvements, and redevelopment projects. The current projects in the pipeline will bring a total of 750 new employees, 600 new residential units, 13,000 square feet of commercial, and one (1) new college. All these efforts aim to revitalize the authentic and historic downtown into a vibrant, walkable 18-hour downtown.

Downtown Ontario Retail Pop-up Program application submissions are due December 9, 2022. For detailed program guidelines and program application, visit https://bit.ly/dtopopup.

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