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Public Works

Public Works

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Find out what services are offered in Ontario, who to contact and approximately how long it will take for the service to be completed.

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Your City Hard at Work!

"Taking Care of Business Everyday"  Fiscal Year 2018-2019      






 Streets Resurfaced  1,650,000  282,970
Storm Drains Serviced  3,142 231
Pot Hole Repairs  530  87
Sign Maintenance and Replacement  4,000  331
Trees Trimmed  9,127   284
Trees Planted  636  
Graffiti Removed  25,000  
Sidewalk Replaced (Lineal Feet)  10,000  765
 Lifted Sidewalk Serviced (Grind of lifted sidewalk 1" or less  500  81
 Street Lights Serviced   450  
 Street Lights Converted into LED   100  




Mark Chase
Phone: (909) 395-2600

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