Special Districts & CFD's

The Debt Management/Special Districts Department administers the City's Assessment Districts, Community Facilities Districts, Parkway Maintenance Districts and Street Light Maintenance Districts. The districts provide funding for a variety of public improvements and services. Primary responsibilities with regard to the administration of the City's existing districts are:

  • Annual levy of adequate special taxes and assessments to enable the payment of the debt service on various bond issues, and to enable the payment of lighting and landscaping district operation and maintenance expenses.
  • Bond administration: debt service payment, arbitrage compliance, governmental reporting, continuing disclosure, assessment reapportionment, assessment prepayments and bond redemption.
  • Assessment delinquency management and foreclosure administration.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding the districts and assessments from property owners and the real estate and investment community.

In addition, the department is responsible for the development of new funding strategies, and the creation and formation of special districts to finance public improvements and services.

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