Classification & Compensation

Salary Schedule

Please select the link below to access the City of Ontario's current salary schedule.

Salary Schedule [PDF]


Employee Compensation

The City of Ontario reports employee compensation to the State of California's Controller Office on an annual basis. Please visit Public Pay for the complete data set of data reported by the City of Ontario.


Class Specifications

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Accounting Technician
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant to the City Manager
Assistant Building Official
Assistant City Clerk / Records Management Director
Assistant City Engineer
Assistant City Manager
Assistant Curator
Assistant Director of Housing & Neighborhood Preservation
Assistant General Manager -Utilities Engineering and Operations
Assistant General Manager-Administration and Customer Service
Assistant General Manager-Integrated Waste
Assistant Human Resources Director
Assistant Planning Director
Assistant Recreation / Community Services Director
Associate Civil Engineer
Associate Engineer


Broadband Operations Director
Broadband Operations Manager
Budget Director
Building Inspector
Building Official
Building Plans Examiner
Business License Specialist
Business License Supervisor
Business Operations Director


Central Services Specialist
City Engineer
City Manager
Communications and Community Relations Director
Community Improvement Director
Community Improvement Manager
Community Improvement Officer
Community Improvement Supervisor
Community Information Specialist
Community Information Supervisor
Community Life and Culture Officer
Community Relations and Communication Manager
Continuum of Care Manager
Crime Analyst
Cross-Connection Control Specialist
Custodial Services Supervisor


Deputy City Manager
Deputy Fire Chief
Deputy Fire Marshal
Deputy Police Chief
Design and Construction Director


Economic Development Specialist
Emergency Manager
Environmental Technician
Executive Director Community Development
Executive Director Community Life and Culture
Executive Director Human Resources
Executive Director Information Technology
Executive Director of Finance
Executive Director Public Works


Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Fiber Field Technician
Fire Administrative Director
Fire Chief
Fire Communications Manager
Fire Dispatch Supervisor
Fire Equipment Mechanic
Fire Investigation Supervisor
Fire Prevention Inspector
Fire Safety Technician
Fleet Services Coordinator
Fleet Services Manager
Fleet Services Supervisor
Forensic Specialist Trainee


Graphic and Marketing Specialist


Housing Director
Human Resources Analyst Trainee


Integrated Waste Dispatcher
Integrated Waste Maintenance Worker
Internal Audit Manager
Investment Officer
Irrigation Conservation Specialist
IT Applications Director
IT Applications Manager
IT Operations Director
IT Systems Director
IT Technician


Legislative Analyst
Library Director
Library Monitor Specialist


Management Analyst
Municipal Services Director
Municipal Services Manager


Neighborhood Improvement Specialist



Parks and Maintenance Director
Parks and Maintenance Manager
Parks and Maintenance Supervisor
Payroll Analyst
Payroll Manager
Payroll Technician
Performance and Optimization Analyst
Performance and Optimization Manager
Plan Check Engineer
Planning Director
Police Administrative Director
Police Captain
Police Chief
Police Communications Manager
Police Corporal
Police Dispatch Supervisor
Police Dispatcher
Police Dispatcher Trainee
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer
Police Records Manager
Police Recruit
Principal Engineer
Principal IT Analyst
Principal Project Manager
Project Coordinator
Project Manager
Public Facilities Maintenance Manager
Public Services Project Manager
Purchasing Team Leader


Records Coordinator
Recreation / Community Services Director
Recreation / Community Services Manager
Risk Management Coordinator
Risk Management Technician
Risk/Safety Manager


Senior Accounts Payable Technician
Senior Administrative Assistant
Senior Associate Engineer
Senior Community Information Specialist
Senior Custodian
Senior Deputy Fire Chief
Senior Financial Analyst
Senior Forensic Specialist
Senior Landscape Architect
Senior Legislative Analyst
Senior Management Analyst
Senior Neighborhood Improvement Specialist
Senior Parts Specialist
Senior Permit Technician
Senior Police Dispatcher
Senior Project Coordinator
Senior Telecommunications Analyst
Street Maintenance Supervisor
Supervising Code Enforcement Officer
Supervising Public Works Inspector
Sustainability Programs Manager


Telecommunications Analyst
Traffic / Transportation Manager


Utilities Administrative Services & Integrated Waste Director
Utilities Assistant General Manager
Utilities Customer Service Director
Utilities Customer Service Specialist
Utilities Customer Services Supervisor
Utilities Engineering Division Manager
Utilities General Manager
Utilities Operations Division Manager
Utilities Project Manager


Water / Wastewater Technician
Water Production Supervisor
Water Resources Coordinator
Water Resources Manager
Web Developer