Oversize Vehicle Permits

The City of Ontario recognizes its citizens enjoy outdoor activities! City of Ontario’s Ordinance 3231 (Oversize Vehicle Parking)* is designed to provide residents with temporary parking for oversized vehicles.

* October 17, 2023, Amendment to Oversized Vehicle Parking on Public Streets Ordinance

Beginning July 1, 2023, a permit is required and must be displayed to park oversized vehicles on a public street. An oversize vehicle is defined as any vehicle, motorized or nonmotorized, that exceeds 20 feet in length, or exceeds 80 inches in width or 78 inches in height or that weighs more than 6,000 pounds (gross vehicle weight), i.e. Recreational Vehicles (RVs). The vehicle must be parked in front of the residence it belongs to, and cannot be a public safety hazard.

Please note that:

  • No more than two permits shall be issued per calendar month
  • Permits will not be issued consecutively, and cannot exceed a 48 hour parking period
  • The vehicle must be registered and operable
  • You must provide two documents for proof of residency

A citation may be issued if the code is violated or abused. All vehicles are subject to tow. Numerous citations may result in a delay in the registration process through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Please apply for a permit online using the link below. To provide adequate time for permit processing, please submit your application at least five business days before you wish to park.

Apply Online


For more information contact:

Business License Division
303 East B. Street
Ontario, CA 91764
Phone – 909-395-2022

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