Resident Satisfaction Survey

The City of Ontario values the input and feedback of our residents on the quality of City services and the priorities and challenges facing our community.

To that end, the City commissioned the Rose Institute of State and Local Government to conduct its 2019 Resident Satisfaction Survey. Professional interviewers contacted 500 randomly-selected adult Ontario residents between March 27-May 1, 2019. The average time to complete the survey was 14.2 minutes.

The survey results show that residents are generally very happy with life in Ontario. 85.8% are very satisfied or satisfied with City services. Almost three‐quarters of them give the community a ranking of 8, 9, or 10 on a 10‐point scale and 78.8% say that Ontario is headed in the right direction. 

Among specific City services, the Fire Department and Integrated Waste Department scored the highest levels of satisfaction, with ratings of very satisfied or satisfied from 92.8% of residents. The Police Department is a close third with ratings of very satisfied or satisfied from 88.6% of residents.


Maintaining a robust community that is physically safe and prepared for emergencies is the most important priority for Ontario residents. 85.6% of respondents identify it as very important. Improving streets (76.2%) and addressing homelessness (72.4%) are the next most important priorities for Ontario residents.

The 2019 Resident Satisfaction Survey offers a baseline to more fully evaluate the performance of City departments and gauge how residents view life in Ontario. Going forward, it is one of many tools the City will use in establishing priorities and making strategic investments for the City’s future.


The survey covers a variety of topics connected to the City's strategic goals:

  • Invest in the Growth and Evolution of the City's Economy
  • Maintain the Current High Level of Public Safety
  • Operate in a Businesslike Manner
  • Pursue City's Goals and Objectives by Working with Other Governmental Agencies 
  • Focus Resources in Ontario's Commercial and Residential Neighborhoods
  • Invest in the City's Infrastructure (Water, Streets, Sewers, Parks, Storm Drains and Public Facilities)
  • Encourage, Provide or Support Enhanced Recreational, Educational, Cultural and Healthy City Programs, Policies and Activities
  • Ensure the Development of a Well Panned, Balanced, and Self'Sustaining Community in Ontario Ranch

The survey further discusses:

  • Ontario as a place to live
  • Resident satisfaction
  • Community appreciation for services
  • Safety
  • Value of service
  • Utilities such as drinking water and integrated waste
  • What the city should prioritize
  • Challenges facing the City of Ontario




Resident Satisfaction Survey Reports

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Just the Facts

Rose Institute of State & Local Government – Claremont McKenna College

  • 85.8% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the services they receive from the City of Ontario
  • 91.6% of respondents feel safe in Ontario; 82% feel they get good value for public safety
  • The importance of public safety was a consistent theme
    • 93% and 89% of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the Fire & Police Departments respectfully
    • Maintaining a robust community that is physically safe and prepared for emergencies ranked as the No. 1 priority
  • Average score of 81.8% of Very Satisfied & Satisfied for all City Agencies
  • More than 78.8% of respondents say that things in Ontario are headed in the right direction
  • Respondents identified their priorities and needs for Ontario as:
    • Managing growth                             
    • Downtown
    • Neighborhood preservation            
    • Balanced Budget
    • Affordable housing                          
    • Homeless
    • Safe community                             
    • Maintain Infrastructure
    • several said nothing / all good
  • Demographics:         
    • 25% of respondents elected to do the survey in Spanish
    • 44.6% of respondents have lived in Ontario over 25 years
    • 69% of respondents own their own and 31% rent
    • 45.2% of respondents were retired/had no job

Statements from our Respondents:

  • Ontario is headed in the right direction, but we cannot rest on our laurels
  • Our community is diverse and has diverse opinions, and we should identify means of bringing our residents together
  • More community events, more programming in Ontario Ranch, and more “gathering spots” amid unique neighborhoods and commercial districts
  • Our residents want to be engaged and appreciate more meaningful communication


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