Military Banners


The Ontario Military Banner Program was first launched and maintained by the Ontario Business Council. It was established to honor and recognize active duty military personnel that reside in, or have immediate family living in the City of Ontario. Military Banners recognize the service member, to include their name and branch of the United States Armed Forces. The City of Ontario is proud to carry on the program and honor those who are serving in our military.



If you would like to apply for a Military Banner for a family member currently serving, please download the Military Banner Application materials below.

The City of Ontario is currently seeking the names of military personnel who are currently serving on active duty in the United States Armed Forces. Names that are submitted to the City of Ontario will be considered for placement on street banners displayed throughout the City.

Accepted applicants will have a banner placed, free of charge for 2 years. If the family or service member would like the banner left up for additional service time, a second banner can be purchased by the family. All banners will be given back to the applicant’s family upon removal.

To be considered for banner placement, military member must:

  • Be considered active duty*
  • Have been an Ontario Resident at the time of enlistment

*If you or your loved one is a retired military member, they are eligible for website placement only.


To complete the application for a banner, please submit the following materials:

  • Military Banner Program Application
  • A photo of the military member (either printed or emailed to [email protected])


Submitted materials must be mailed to:

Ontario Military Banner Program

303 E B St, Ontario, CA 91764


For questions regarding previous banners that were taken down, contact [email protected] or call (909) 395-2000.


Thank You For Your Service

Air Force

Jeremy D. Padilla-Fontana

Staff Sergeant

Enlisted: January, 2015

Joseph R. Gutierrez 

Senior Airman

Enlisted: July, 2016



Jocelyn Aguilar


Enlisted: April, 2019

Victoria F. Sanchez


Enlisted: September, 2018

Isaiah N. Springer


Enlisted: July, 2017

Adam J. Cortus


Enlisted: February, 2014


Danya Tirado


Enlisted: July, 2019

Guadalupe Carrillo


Enlisted: June, 2018

Oscar Reynoso


Enlisted: June, 2009

Joseph R. Guerrero


Enlisted: October, 2019


Dyllon Carreon


Enlisted: June, 2016

Andrew T. Fowler


Enlisted: October, 2019

Frank T. Fowler


Enlisted: April, 2015

Benjamin Salazar


Enlisted: March, 2018

Luis A. Castillo Rojas

Petty Officer Third Class

Enlisted: August, 2018

Andrea C. Medina


Enlisted: February, 2018

Steven Castillo


Enlisted: December, 2015

Xavier R. Ibarra


Enlisted: January, 2019

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