Recreation & Community Services Department

The City of Ontario's Recreation & Community Services Department provides opportunities for wholesome, year-round public recreational services for every age group. Through a comprehensive array of programs and events, the Department continually strives to meet the City Council's goal to provide enhanced recreational, educational, cultural and healthy activities to the community. The Department operates six community centers, a senior center, and provides programming in over thirty parks, three dog parks, and a municipal golf course.

The mission statement of the Recreation & Community Services Department is to enhance community value through diverse opportunities, personal growth and healthy lifestyles by providing quality and affordable programs and services. The vision statement of the Recreation & Community Services Department is to be the leaders in building a healthy community through memorable experiences connecting people to recreation. The Priority Values of the Recreation & Community Services Department include the following:

  • Fun: Be enthusiastic, love what you do, and make it enjoyable for all.
  • Integrity: We make ethical behavior the foundation of all actions.
  • Teamwork: We take seriously our obligations to empower every person to achieve more by making opportunities available for personal growth.
  • Innovation: We achieve continuous improvement by taking risk, welcoming new ideas, learning from our mistakes and celebrating our successes.
  • Diversity: We welcome and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals.
  • Commitment: We are passionate in delivering superior service to both our internal and external customers; taking pride in positively influencing their lives.
  • Wellness: We strive to provide an environment that promotes overall health to every individual.

General Registration Policies

No phone-in registration accepted. Students must pre-register online or via mail or in person. First time registration must who proof of residency (i.e. Current Driver's License or utility bill). No registration fee will be accepted at class locations or by instructors. Information listed in the Ontario Living Magazine may be subject to change.

Accommodations Request

Accommodation requests are available upon request for City of Ontario's classes, programs, and activities. The City asks for notification of accommodation to be given at least ten (10) days in advance of the class, program, or activity start date; however, less notice may be appropriate in some circumstances. Reasonable accommodations for participation are reviewed and granted on a case-by-case basis. The City will generally modify policies, practices or procedures, or provide auxiliary communication aids or services, when necessary to ensure that qualified individuals are able to participate. If you have circumstances that require specific accommodations in order to enjoy one of our programs, activities or classes, please contact the City of Ontario Recreation & Community Services Department at (909) 395-2020. 


Community Centers

Anthony Muñoz Community Center

1240 W. 4th Street

(909) 395-2622

Armstrong Community Center

1265 S. Palmetto Avenue

(909) 395-2020

De Anza Community & Teen Center

1405 S. Fern Avenue

(909) 395-2030

Dorothy A. Quesada Community Center

1010 S. Bon View Avenue

(909) 395-2300

Ontario Senior Center

225 E. B Street

(909) 395-2021

Veterans Memorial Community Center

1257 E. D Street

(909) 986-5847

Westwind Community Center

2455 E. Riverside Drive

(909) 395-2506


Empowerment Scholarships


Recreation Scholarships Are Now Available!

The City of Ontario offers a Recreation & Community Services Scholarship program to qualifying Ontario residents.

We are now accepting Empowerment Scholarship applications for residents of all ages!

For English applications and to apply online, click here
Para solicitud en español y aplicar en línea, haga clic aquí.


The Empowerment Scholarship Program provides Ontario residents from low-income backgrounds the opportunity to participate in recreation activities, classes, and programs that will enrich their lives. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for all our community members to thrive. This program makes it possible for Ontario residents to be positively impacted through recreation services and have it extend back to their families, schools and community.


The Empowerment Scholarship Program has funded over 1,000 Ontario residents since 2014. The program is available to Ontario residents of ALL ages as scholarships can be used towards any classes, activities and programs that the City of Ontario Recreation & Community Services Department offers. A large portion of the 5K Reindeer Run net proceeds contributes to this program. To find out more about this program, or to donate to the fund, please visit or call (909) 395-2020.


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We are committed to ensuring that our resilient community members have resources to maintain healthy lives, grow meaningful relationships and continue to have extraordinary experiences.



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