Ready Ontario

ReadyOntario is your one-stop shop for emergency preparedness. This website is intended to provide residents, businesses, and all visitors to the City of Ontario a baseline of resources to be READY for any type of emergency or disaster. From this page you will be directed to a variety of tools to help guide you through the fundamentals of preparedness. At it's core, remember this simple acronym: KPI. While this may sound like a business term for Key Performance Indicators, we refer to KPI as having a Kit, making a Plan, and being Informed before, during, and after any incident.

From our page, you'll also find ways to engage with the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), take training on emergency preparedness including the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Basic Academy, and even ways to schedule a presentation for your organization.

We encourage you to share ReadyOntario with others and help your friends and family get prepared. Real disasters don't look like movies. They look more like people coming together than falling apart. Ready Ontario is about moving Ontario residents to connect before the emergency - so we can be ready for when something does occur.



The City of Ontario is currently updating the Hazard Mitigation Plan and needs your feedback! This plan will help create a safer community for residents, businesses, and visitors. The LHMP allows public safety officials and city staff, elected officials, and members of the public to understand the threats from natural and human-caused hazards in our community.