Community Improvement

The City of Ontario Community Improvement Department is responsible for enforcing Municipal Code regulations on private property throughout the city. The Ontario Municipal Code regulates parking on private property, zoning, property maintenance, weed abatement on undeveloped lots and other substandard conditions on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 

The City contracts with Inland Valley Humane Society for animal related issues. 

For more information, contact the Community Improvement Department at (909) 395-2007.

How do I find out if something is a violation?

Information on residential property maintenance regulations can be found by reviewing the information on this site. Also, you can follow a link to the Ontario Municipal Code online and research for specific regulations.

For the City's Development Code, visit the Planning Department webpage.



For more news and information about water conservation and usage restrictions, please visit OntarioWaterWise or email



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Program Forms

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Property Recognition Program

The Community Improvement Property Recognition Program is designed to recognize and celebrate pride of ownership in both single-family homes and rental properties within the City of Ontario.  The goal is to promote Ontario’s housing stock and build stronger neighborhoods.

Award Categories:

The Outstanding Property Award will recognize a property owner for continuous maintenance of their property throughout the year.

The Property Beautification Award will recognize a property owner for a visible effort in improving the property and making an investment into the neighborhood.


To nominate a property, fill out the Nomination Form.

Remote Video Inspections

Community Improvement Remote Video Inspection Guidelines

These Guidelines describe how the City of Ontario Community Improvement Department will be conducting remote video inspections for occupied interior areas during COVID-19.

Remote video inspection uses a video call function on 4G and 5G devices with the following formats:

  • Android
  • IOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Google Duo

Remote Video Inspections may be performed for the following Inspection Types:

  • Initial Inspections
  • Re-inspection for previously issued notices
  • Smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors
  • Interior plumbing issues
  • Interior vermin infestations
  • Water heater compliance
  • Interior electrical issues
  • Improper Occupancy / Occupied Garage
  • Egress issues
  • Any other appropriate matter as determined by Community Improvement

Remote Video Inspection Requirements:

  • 4G or greater wireless service for device and location
  • Device should have a fully charged battery or wireless charging capability
  • Device should have both audio and visual capabilities
  • Device should have camera application and/or capabilities
  • The remote video inspection will require the use of Android video call, FaceTime (iPhone/iPad) or Google Duo, or another available video platform.

Remote Video Inspection Scheduling:

Remote Video Inspection Scheduling will happen in one of two ways:

  • The Community Improvement Officer assigned to your case will contact you to schedule a remote video inspection.
  • You may call (909) 395-2007 to schedule a remote video inspection. Please ask to be connected to the Community Improvement Officer assigned to your case. You can also find the Community Improvement Officer contact information at the bottom of the Notice received.

Scheduling and Pre-Screening for Remote Video Inspections: 

Remote video inspections will be scheduled according to the Community Improvement Officer’s availability. Requests for a remote video inspection must be made a week in advance. Remote inspections will be conducted between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Prior to the scheduled inspection the Community Improvement Officer will contact the property owner, property manager or tenant/occupant at the number provided during scheduling. The officer will discuss the inspection(s) requested to determine if a remote inspection will be feasible and/or necessary to avoid entering the residence or business.

If it is determined the Community Improvement officer can perform a remote video inspection, the officer will then discuss the video format to be used, photographs that may be captured and other requirements. The Community Improvement officer will also document consent to inspect by remote video. The Community Improvement officer will inform the property owner, property manager, and/or tenant/occupant of any tools that will be required (such as tape measure, level, GFCI tester, step ladder, etc.)

Day of Inspection

On the day and time of the scheduled remote video inspection the property owner, property manager and/or tenant/occupant who pre-screened for the inspection must be at the property location and prepared to start.


Prepare to receive the Remote Video Inspection:

  1. Make sure the smart phone or tablet is fully charged.
  2. The officer will call the individual at the agreed upon time.  Officer and individual will join meeting on their devices and enable video using the agreed-up format in the pre-screen inspection.
  3. Have the required tools available (tape measure, level, GFCI tester, step ladder, etc.)
  4. Turn off phone or tablet notifications during the video call. Notifications may freeze or interrupt the video call and will cause delays to the inspection which may cause the inspection to be re-scheduled.
  5. Be prepared to use the camera function if needed.


The Inspection:

  1. Begin inspection at street view looking at the structure with the address showing.
  2. The Community Improvement Officer may request the device to be rotated to the landscape or horizontal orientation.
  3. Follow the directions of the Community Improvement Officer.
  4. Walk inspection from bottom to top (if multiple floors).
  5. Make note of any items that need correction.
  6. The Community Improvement Officer will take screenshots of violations and corrections for case file if needed. 


Inspection Results:

  • The Community Improvement Officer will inform you in the video call if the inspection has passed or failed.
  • If the inspection passes, the property owner will receive a Notice of Compliance letter and the property will now be inspected in the next 4-year cycle.
  • If the inspection does not pass, the officer will inform you of what needs to be corrected. 
  • A correction notice will be mailed via US mail within 7-10 business days.
  • The Community Improvement Officer will advise on when or how to call for re-inspection.
  • NOTE:   The officer will note “Remote Video Inspection” in the case notes for each inspection conducted in this manner.


Community Improvement Remote Video Inspection Consent Form


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Sign Abatement Program

The Community Improvement Department addresses unpermitted and prohibited signage throughout the City to enhance the community appearance. All business owners and landowners are responsible for ensuring that all property signs are permitted and meet the sign regulations of Chapter 8 of the Ontario Development Code


The Economic Development Department has multiple resources available to assist business owners with promoting their businesses. 


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